Patent for sale 

Visual confirmation that content is sealed and safe

Can be used on any types of screw caps

Great marketing potential for manufacturers of beverages

Prevent tampering of content

Suitable for secure storage of evidence and other
material that needs to be kept safe


Safe Cap is a technology that can be built into any types of screw caps and give a visual indication (tamper alert) if the bottle, carton or jar have been opened after it was sealed. This can be from factory or because the content must be kept safe (evidence or dangerous material).

A small hole in the top of the cap will show a plastic plate below that have two colours. The colour that is visible will change while opening the cap for the first time. Closing the cap will not return the plate in original position. It is not possible to hide that the seal has been broken.

The patent contains of two different solutions. See description under "patent information".

The inventor has been in contact with several manufacturers of both beverages and cartons etc. He has received a lot of positive feedback so there are already some that have shown interest in buying the patent. Patent buyer will receive contact information if further negotiation with other potential partners is of interest.

The is no risk that the cap will leak.


The solution has several benefits and can be used in a lot of different areas:

  • Consumers can easily confirm that the product they buy not have been tampered with (food or beverages)
  • Prevents attempts to tamper with or steal content
  • Easy for consumers to check if cartons have been opened in the refrigerator before they go shopping
  • Can be used customized for tubes etc. to seal of drug tests, evidence or harmful materials
  • It is possible to visually check many bottles during production to verify that the content is sealed. This can be done manually or through automated solutions
  • Can easily be used on any screw cap (soda bottles, jam jars, medicine bottles etc).


Marketing potential

Safe Cap is not just a practical solution. It gives products a great benefit that will appeal to a lot of consumers. Manufacturers of beverages can easily use it as part of their marketing strategy, and get benefits their competitor are missing. Information to teach consumer about the cap can be placed around (shelves, glass door etc) or on the products.


Use in other areas

The solution can easily be customized for any type of screw caps and be a practical safety mechanism in cases where there are strict regulations for storage of the content.

Examples are:

  • Drug tests, biological samples or other evidence
  • Storage of biological or chemical materials which is harmful
  • Strong medication

Caps and container with unique ID can be used to make sure that the original cap is still in place.


Patent information

The patent contains two solutions:

Solution A: This is the main product of the patent. A hole in the top layer of the cap will show a plate that contains two colours (one for sealed and one for opened). There is no limitations in how the hole can be shaped or what colour that is used.

The mechanism in the cap makes sure that shutting the cap still will reveal that the seal have been broken.

It is possible to add dots in the material for peoples that are visually impaired.

Solution B: This solution needs less material to be created. It has an arrow at the bottom. The arrow will move while opening the cap and point at a spot that indicates that it has been opened. It is not possible to move the arrow back without breaking it.

This also works well for visually impaired.

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Inventor and patent sale

This is a global PCT patent. The inventor is Harald Brynhildsen from Norway.

He thinks that the patent has a much better potential to become a success if it is sold to company in related business areas, or investors that have the recourses and network to turn it in to a success.

Both full sell-out or a partial sale with royalty payments is of interest. Any bid or suggestion will be evaluated.

Johnny Hov will take part of the communication to handle translations and other practical tasks.



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